Cocoa Gin


1528’s first product is COCOA Gin, truly a gin with a soul of its own!
It starts with distillation : carefully crafted in El Puerto de Santa Maria by PICO CACAO, since 1824 a leader in the delicate trade of distilling cacao. True to tradition, the COCOA Gin results from bain-marie distillation in authentic copper alembics. The cacao beans are grilled in the same workshop on a log fire. Truly craftsmanship with a capital C!

This gin brings you back to the very soul of cacao, “the essence of life”.

COCOA Gin is all but a chocolate drink! It is a true dry gin structured on grilled cocoa beans. The highly original character of this gin results from a unique combination of cacao beans, exotic flavors and citrus extracts. We satisfy ourselves only with the very best quality cacao beans and botanicals so that this exceptional gin brings you honest pleasure. The essence of cacao in a handcrafted gin with a five stage au bain-marie distillation.

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